What if The Climate Crisis Fizzles?

What If There Is No Climate Crisis?

Should we not do the Last Humans Project if we can’t be certain we are facing an actual extinction event?

And the answer is, of course we should do the Project. There is no wasted energy in doing the Project, because:

1. Higher education will have a shared mission that can energize the whole sector

2. We will produce leaders who can work in any endeavor in society

3. We will have a model for a generative learning design

4. Higher education will form alliances with the other major sectors of our economy and society that will continue no matter what conditions prevail

5. Higher education can reclaim its position as the center of civil society

6. It will have a new purpose and validity

So, say that the climate crisis somehow is not as bad as feared (despite experiencing inevitable disruptions that will disable parts of civilization regardless), but, instead, we face a loss of social energy because of population collapse. This problem could be as challenging as the climate crisis.

Or, say there is no global problem at the scale we fear? Well, good for us, but that does not matter. The point is that the current climate change crisis almost certainly will bring about a threat to our continued survival, but even if it doesn’t, all that we do with The Last Humans Project, along with all the other projects working on the climate problem, will have benefitted society enormously.

In every crisis, there is an opportunity.

But: in fact, species are already dying out; weather events seem to be intensifying; fires are bigger; countries are failing. We do have a real problem even if it never rises to a global crisis at the scale we fear. The point is that we don’t need to wait to confirm the global crisis because, no matter what, our efforts now have huge positive outcomes.

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