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The List below is being developed but is not in its final structure 


Randy Bass at Georgetown University is a long-time collaborator.  He offered the following podcast, an interview, as related to the ideas in The Last Humans Project:

The link below is to Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative: 

The Web Study Foundation shares learning goals and visions for higher education with The Last Humans Project.  This Foundation provides the process for campus change necessary to adopt the Last Humans Program.  See:  For more on the Foundation, go to the Blog about our partner by clicking on the "blog" tab.  

In Rhode Island, U.S.A, where I live, I am active in environmental action.  I volunteer for Save the Bay (Narragansett Bay) and am a member of Climate Action Rhode Island, a affiliate

Bryan Alexander is a resource for addressing a wide range of issues in higher education.  In October, 2019, he started posting about climate change and higher education.  His suggestions reinforce ideas in The Last Humans Project.


The World Resources Institute site leads to numerous other global organizations that are compatible

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