Paris Climate Accord: an Admission of Failure

This is a very brief blog. Now that the U. S. president is pulling the U. S. out of the Paris Climate Accord, some see rejoining the Accord as a major goal. However, is the Accord simply an admission of failure of the world to actually do something? Does it have any enforcement or realistic hope of making a difference? Here is what Naomi Klein said about the Accord:

It’s like going: “I acknowledge that I will die of a heart attack if I don’t radically lower my blood pressure . . . I therefore will exercise once a week, eat four hamburgers instead of five . . . and you have to call me a hero because I’ve never done this before and you have no idea how lazy I used to be.” Naomi Klein. David Beers, “Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben Knock Paris Climate Deal,” the Tyee, December 14, 2015,


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